Introducing the Supermarket skill for Alexa

How many times have you seen customers walking around lost, trying to find where a product is located? Having finally found the product, here comes the next problem, now to go, find the price of the product!

What about the daily deals, did they end up searching the whole store for them?

If you look at it, at the end of the day, the store loses and not the customer. The customer has the alternative to switch between stores and find the best one that fulfills their needs. All of these pertain to the service delivery process that interacts directly with the customer. How these are designed and aligned to meet the needs of the customer is critical to the success of the store.

We bring you our voice based shopping assistant to assist your customers at the store.

The customers get to ask and receive information on where a product is located, get to know its price, the product information, comparisons and recommendations about the best selling brand.

What more, you get to receive suggestions and feedback. These provide you with valuable information relating to customer preferences, processes improvements and so on, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

With happy customers, you get to see an increase in sales both in terms of impulse buys and customer loyalty. Also, see an increase in staff productivity as they get to efficiently manage the tasks they need to engage in rather than spend half their time to help customers around.

Remember service innovation is a key differentiator and driver for competitiveness. So come on! let your customers enjoy the next generation hassle-free shopping experience with your virtual shopping assistant.

How to use SuperMarket Skill?


Where can I find…..

Confused at a super market? You can’t locate an item. No floor assistant around you.


Ask Alexa

To know where is item, just say “Alexa ask SuperMarket where is.. ” followed by the item you want to find. Eg: Alexa ask SuperMarket where is KetchUp”


Happy Shopping!!

Alexa will tell you the location of any item in the super market. It can tell users about the offers and discounts also.

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